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About me

My passion for life and love of photography help me to tell the story of your adventure. I approach photography with an artistic eye and look for the little details that make your life "yours" and the organic moments that you want to be able to share with generations to come.


I want to personally thank you for taking your time to look through my art collection.

This is my journey of life, love, loss, and everything else that makes us human.


​©2020 by Elejandro DeMayhem Fine Art Photography all rights reserved.​ 

PRICE MENU - Deposit Required

Solicited by me at a con: 1 Pro Image at no charge.
Any addition images will be edited at the rate of $50 per image.

Pre-Scheduled Full Costume Shoots $99 for 4 photoart images, one costume, 30 minute shoot time.

Sometimes lighting conditions aren't ideal and images we take in hallways don't come out.  Reserve time with me at the next con, I usually will have an in suite studio set up.

Basic Package: 
$250 for 1 hour Photo shoot
5 professional edits

Model Package:
$400 for 2 hours and 10 professional edits / CompCard

$800 for 4 hours including up to 4 changes,and make-up, fx makeup or full body paint. 20 professional images, compcard and FB Banner

Event Photography:
TBD by event

On-Site is available at additional charge

50% non refundable deposit is required. Approved Cancellations my use the non-refundable credit within 30 days of original shoot.

Cosplayers, If I ask to take pics of you during a con I will professionally edit ONE image from our quick shoot for any additional request please see the price list above.

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